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‘New Amsterdam’ as a company name and identity comes from the Dutch founders of the territory of ‘New Amsterdam’, known today as ‘New York’. In the sixteenth century, Dutch seafarers and explorers introduced a series of cultural and social freedoms to the mainland of the North American continent, which some say formed the foundation for the entire United States of America.

These cultural and social freedoms such as free thinking and free action formed the foundation as one of the main drivers for the growth and development of the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Characterized by private land ownership and property, which ensured that entrepreneurs were compelled to keep innovating in order to compete.

This mindset and belief form the foundation of the values and personal motives behind New Amsterdam Holding B.V. Freedom and innovation throughout the entire process of entrepreneurship and collaboration result in an environment where nothing goes unnoticed.

The essence of doing business in the spirit of these historical lessons represent the core values of the team behind New Amsterdam Holding. However, this approach can only be successful and sustainable in an environment where transparency and vulnerability are fundamental values on which business is conducted.

In essence, this means that we are not limited to ourselves. Ultimate results can only be achieved by finding the right partners who share these common characteristics.

The Netherlands

New Amsterdam Holding B.V.

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New Amsterdam Holding B.V.

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New Amsterdam Holding B.V.

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Our team

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Vincent Veldhuis

Chief Executive Officer

Nick Veldhuis

Chief Financial Officer

Selcuk Hatipogul

Chief Operating Officer

Erik van Riet Paap

Director Europe

Henry Regeling

Sales Director



New Amsterdam Holding B.V. invests in a long-term relationship with our clients. Reliability and transparency are our fundamental values. We share knowledge, solutions and think along with our clients.



New Amsterdam Holding B.V. aims to invent, develop and apply innovative solutions to reduce our ecological footprint. To this end, we use circular products that contribute to an environmentally friendly economy.

Our partner

Itochu Corporation is a Japanese company based in many international cities worldwide, with headquarters in Osaka and Tokyo, among others. Itochu Corporation has seven operating divisions specializing in textiles, metals & minerals, food, machinery, energy chemicals, real estate, IT & finance.

Itochu ranked 72nd among Fortune Global 500 companies, with annual trading revenue of $100 billion. Itochu has been one of the most popular employers for graduates of top Japanese universities for more than thirty years. In 2019 and 2020, Itochu Corporation was the most popular employer for graduates.

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Mission Statement Itochu

The ITOCHU group declares the spirit of “Sampo-yoshi” as our new corporate mission, which spirit originates from the message of our founder Chubei Itoh I (the merchant based in the former Ohmi Province of Japan (present-day Shiga Prefecture)).

This original business spirit has been passed down through the years from ITOCHU’s establishment in 1858 to the present day, and it will continue to be passed down to many future generations to come.”

In Japanese, “yoshi” means “good”, and “sampo” means three sides, and these three sides consist of

  • (1) the seller (“urite”)
  • (2) the buyer (“kaite”)
  • (3) society (“seken”)

“Sampo-yoshi” is therefore

“urite-yoshi” (meaning “good for the seller”)
“kaite-yoshi” (meaning “good for the buyer”)
“seken-yoshi” (meaning “good for society”)

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