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The right school uniform contributes to a professional, well-groomed appearance. Therefore, create a recognizable school branding with customized school uniforms.

In cooperation with you, we flawlessly translate your wishes into a design. In our outsourcing process you will be assisted by our experienced consultants and in-house designers. Nothing is impossible.

Thanks to our partnership with ITOCHU Corporation, we purchase directly from over 200 manufacturers. Because we have our own logistics distribution we are not dependent on shipping and other transport factors. Where other suppliers offer you a delivery time of 6 to 12 weeks, New Amsterdam Holding enables you to have your products within a maximum of two weeks.

We take care of everything and are closely involved with your order from beginning to end. The logistical process is continuously monitored rigorously to ensure that it continues to meet our high quality standards. Nothing is left to chance.


The six steps of the process

Our outsourcing process has six steps in which you continuously determine the direction you want to go. Assisted by our experienced consultants and in-house designers, we ensure that the final product is exactly what you want at a very competitive price!

Are you looking for a completely new design or do you want to modify, duplicate or modernize your current design? New Amsterdam Holding is the right place for you!

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We provide customization focused on your demand for all your school uniforms.

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